Travelers need not battle with toilet anxiety anymore as Lavato promises clean and world-class urinals. Designed to perfection with the cleanliness & hygiene of travelers in mind, every Lavato outlet has separate urinals for men, women, differently-abled and transgenders.


Lavato’s prime mission is to cater to the comfort and convenience of travelers. Each Lavato outlet is furnished with hygienic, clean and odor-free latrines with ISO certified Indian and western closets.

Sanitary Napkin Changing Rooms

Lavato endeavors to spearhead the cause of ensuring the health and hygiene of women. Our outlets include sanitary napkin changing rooms that contain sanitary napkin dispensers, hygienic disposal bins, and dedicated bidet rooms.

Diaper Changing Rooms

Traveling with babies can be quite challenging and we at Lavato, are committed to easing the hassle. Our outlets include diaper changing rooms where you can attend to your bundle of joy in an easy, convenient and hygienic surrounding with world-class amenities.

Dress Changing Rooms

Traveling by road to attend a meeting or a wedding reception? Lavato offers well-equipped and brightly lit make-up and dressing rooms that are provided with shelves and storage racks for added comfort and convenience.

Shower Rooms

Lavato offers premium shower rooms with complimentary bathing kits for men and women. With Lavato, you can rest assured of your privacy and the safety of your luggage while taking a shower. You have the choice of using your own towel or picking it up from our convenience store.

Common Rooms

Lavato offers separate rooms with ramps that make the usage of our facilities a seamless experience for differently-abled and elderly users. Additionally, separate western closets for kids below 3 years take the comfort of all genres of travelers to an all-new level.

Convenience Stores

Travel should be a fun experience and not be overshadowed with countless hassles. That is why every Lavato outlet offers the convenience of a retail store, fully equipped to cater to all your travel needs. Lavato’s retail stores are stocked with all travel essentials that got left behind in a hurry or need to be replenished.