Lavatory Block

Comfort stations for men, women, children, differently abled, and transgender with clean and hygienic urinals, latrines, and showers. Other facilities, like changing rooms & make up rooms, sanitary napkin dispensing machine and disposal bins, nappy changing station and disposal bins are also available at the lavatory.

Toiletries and Travel Convenience

Forgot something at home? Find all essential travel products at Lavato Retail Store, right from Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, to sanitary napkins for women, nappies for children and other items to manage any unplanned travel emergencies.

Hygienic Products

Our staff are trained rigorously to ensure they deliver perfect results each time. All our outlets use only the most hygienic products and toiletries to ensure maximum sanitization and zero allergies.

Sewage treatment Plant

At Lavato, we are committed to protecting the environment and every Lavato outlet is a testament to that commitment.

Air-conditioned Lavatories

All lavatories at Lavato are equipped with an air-conditioner. Our facilities are always aimed at ensuring your complete comfort in every season.

One-One Cleaning

We never take the smallest chance with your health and comfort. That’s why, our highly trained staff clean and sanitize each lavatory after every single use, ensuring completely hygienic facilities every time you visit us.